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Node Canapecoin


Pool name: Canapecoin

Address for leasing: 3PMWRsRDy882VR2viKPrXhtjAQx7ygQcnea


Payment policy:

Payment of 15th and 28th of each month
:gem: Waves - 98 %
:money_with_wings: MRT - 98 %
:gift: Canapecoin ( Bonus lottery coin )
:slot_machine: Regular drawings will cryptovault between participants the nodes
:rocket: Airdrop of well-known and promising waves Platform tokens

Pool Representatives:

Telegram manager - @Topmaning ( Kriptograf )

t.me/Canapecoin - Telegram
Join us and participate in regular

Join us and participate in regular sweepstakes and distribution of well-known partner tokens !!

Through Our canapecoin node, we plan to introduce our leasers to the promising tokens of the Dex platform . Our lizer monthly free receive promising coins on the waves platform. Stay with us and discover the Waves platform with us !!!


Mining with coins without special equipment, Mining -Waves (Mining-Profitable and simple )

How does the cryptocurrency mining work on Waves?

:hammer_and_pick:. The system Proof-of-stake allows user WAVES to obtain remuneration from the rental lease to the miners balance sheet. Control over the funds is not transferred. All waves crypto-currency remains with the miner on the wallet - the miner has the right to take his coins from the mining at any time (Sell , exchange, etc.) in order to hand over the balance in the mining on the proof of steak system, you do not need to be technically savvy, download the entire blockchain or raise your own node. It is enough to make a couple of clicks in the Waves client. Tokens can be returned from mining at any time.

Reward from mining with Waves coins based on the Proof of Stake system

:dancer:t3:. Get rewards by supporting the network of surrendering his cryptocurrency Waves in the lease ( mining Proof of steak )

What income can bring mining system Proof of Stake ?

:dart:. The more WAVES given to mining, the higher the income. Noda Canapecoin pay a different amount of remuneration from the transaction token and MRT. Our node additionally uses its OWN canapecoin tokens for rewards. Choose our node and return your Wave ( Waves ) in our node Canapecoin .You can return the funds from the lease at any time.

What are MRT tokens ? - increase in profitability from mining

:gem:. Miners Reward Token ( MRT ) is a bonus to miners for each block they create. MRT tokens can be freely traded on the DEX. How to lease out any amount, starting from 0.002 WAVES ( funds remain in the wallet), in the mining Proof of Stake (Proof of steak). Mining leases can be canceled in just two clicks at any time, getting back access to WAVES.

Another nice bonus from mining in Canapecoin node

:gift:. Each member of the canapecoin node leasing will receive our canapecoin tokens regularly and take part in regular draws of valuable prizes - in the form of wins of the popular bitcoin cryptocurrency And Waves cryptocurrency

How to mine and lease Waves coins

Download client Waves or open an online wallet

WAVES will fill up Your wallet

:tada:. WAVES to give the nod Canapecoin lease ( mining ).

Paste the node address 3PMWRsRDy882VR2viKPrXhtjAQx7ygQcnea into the required field in the Leasing

:droplet:. This is done. Now the funds will generate income, while remaining in the wallet. Payments will be made to your wallet on the Waves platform


We telegram t.me/Canapecoin :point_left: connect with us
The website: http://canapecoin.org/majning :point_left: Page is about mining
Our Twitter: twitter.com/canapecoin  :point_left: Join
Group in Vkontakte: vk.com/canapecoin :point_left: news about us 


© 2019 Canapecoin - ( CCN ) это шуточный токен, выпущенный на платформе Waves , для розыгрыша реальных криптовалютных призов и участия в акциях. Собранные средства от участников акции будут потрачены на постройку ресторана в Санкт-Петербурге. Акции на розыгрыши криптовалюты от Canapecoin после постройки ресторана не закончится ! ( Только участится ) Построенный ресторан регулярно будет пополнять призовой фонд бонусного токена Canapecoin. Все права защищены.
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